Organic Liquid Marseille Soap | Renewing Grape

Designer: Panier des Sens

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This soap is made in the purest Marseille tradition: from 100% vegetal oils and cooked in a cauldron. Ideal for the whole family and every skin type. 97% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

  • Fragrance
    • Raisin: A unique fresh and sparkling fragrance with a tangy scent! A white Grape, enhanced by Lily flower, Blackcurrant bud as well as Granny Apple, Lotus flowers and fresh Herbs.
  • Benefits
    • Dull & Tired Skin: Tested under dermatological control, this liquid soap gently cleanses hands and body while preserving the skin's natural balance.

  • Size
    • 500 mL
  • Directions
    • Oil-enriched soap for hands and body. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
  • Active Ingredients
      As a timeless beauty secret, Grape is known for its antioxidant and restructuring virtues. Its benefits gave rise to specific treatments like vinotherapy.
      It tones and firms the epidermis thanks to its pulp, which contains a significant quantity of tannins and fruit acids, but also the Resverastrol essentially found in the skin of the Grape. It enhances, moisturizes and brightens the skin for a healthy glow. Rich in soothing trace elements such as potassium and calcium, white Grape extract quenches the skin's thirst and promotes hydration of the epidermis by limiting water loss.
      Elaborated by cold pressing, Grape seed oil is rich in vitamins E and F, mineral salts and proteins. But above all, Grape seed oil is rich in oligo-proanthocyanidins, concentrated in antioxidants, 50 times more effective than vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than vitamin C. In cosmetics, Grape seed oil is used as a moisturizer for its ability to nourish and smooth the skin. Because of its lightness, Grape seed oil is easily absorbed by the skin. Suitable for all skin types, its regenerative properties moisturize and help maintain the skin's suppleness.
      Polyphenols (resveratrol and viniferine) as well as vitamin C protect cell structures and help slow down skin aging. Polyphenols also act as an anti-inflammatory and soothe the skin. Rich in ascorbic acid, vine leaf helps regenerate skin cell structures and contributes to lightening and illuminating the skin.
      Queen of vegetal oils, Coconut oil is 90% fatty acid, but also vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. Cold pressed, its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial virtues confers it protective and nourishing properties, and also helps against aging skin. 100% natural, it leaves the skin softened, hydrated and deeply nourished.

Once called "the pearl of life" in traditional medicine, Grape is known for its antioxidant and restructuring values. To ensure the irreproachable quality of the products and to preserve the unique agricultural heritage, Panier des Sens has a long-term partnership with local craftsmen and harvesters. Cultivated at the Domaine de la Blaque, in Haute-Provence, the certified organic white grape extract is full of benefits and leaves a fresh, sparkling and tangy fragrance on the skin.

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